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Global expertise at verification and testing

With the interest and passion to help you succeed.


North 39 provides consulting and verification services for the LEED programs, including work as a Provider, Green Rater and Energy Rater for the LEED for Homes program.  We have been involved since the program's inception and are proud to be a leading provider of LEED for Homes in international markets, as well as in our home state of Colorado.  With experience from around the world, our team has the expertise and insights to help make your project's pursuit of certification as straightforward as possible.  In addition to providing project-specific services, we also provide training programs related to LEED.


We provide verification services for the ENERGY STAR for Homes program, providing insights into projected performance and third-party verification services.  


We are serving the Summit County community and beyond with full rating, consulting and testing services for the EPA's Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH) program.  Let us help your new project succeed with years of service in the industry and local knowledge of how to navigate the ZERH programs.  We have created a custom, central and interactive ​project intake and program requirements tool to help clarify the ZERH program requirements.  

HERS Rating

We are proud to be a RESNET® accredited Training Provider and Rating Provider, allowing us to provide you with the most comprehensive services.  We have both Quality Assurance and Rating personnel and are available when you need us.  North 39 would be pleased to be your parter for HERS Ratings and testing services.

Green Globes®

North 39 has experience consulting and preparing project teams for Green Globes certification.  We would be pleased to join your project team to assist you in coordination, documentation and communication of the green building goals and Green Globes process.

Blower Door Testing

Blower door testing is required for a HERS rating, as well as for homes being completed under the 2009, 2012 and 2015 IECC codes.  Equipment is used to depressurize the home to measure the leakage under specific pressure conditions. Our helpful staff can identify problem areas and even help prepare you ahead of time by consulting on air sealing strategies.

Duct Leakage Testing

Duct leakage testing is required for a HERS rating, as well as for homes being completed under the 2009, 2012 and 2015 IECC codes unless all ducts are kept within conditioned space.  Equipment is used to pressurize the ductwork to measure air leakage.  We also frequently send our experts out to your site during construction to pressurize the ducts to identify any areas of leakage before you cover up the ductwork.

Insulation and Thermal Bypass Inspections

Used as an essential tool for ENERGY STAR® certification, the inspection of insulation and thermal bypass are becoming a regular request of high performance builders.  Allow our trained staff to identify areas of weakness for you and give you an extra set of eyes verifying your insulator's work.  Having our extra set of eyes on it is quicker and cheaper than the rework involved with a bad insulation job.

Third-Party Airflow Testing

Our experts can test supply air flows, ventilation and exhaust air flows, pressure differentials and draft pressures.  Services are performed on both new construction, as well as existing, and can help prevent or identify the source of problems within your building.

Green Building Certification

Energy Code & Performance Testing

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