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World-class experience.  In an "easy to work with" package.

Add an instant boost to your team's energy credentials.

Tenant Energy Allocation

With a keen eye on the details, our experts are ready to help you allocate expenses among tenants.  HOA and multi-tenant buildings get complicated and we are your ideal partner to sort through the mess of utility bills and mechanical systems and ensure you have a system to consistently and fairly bill tenants more accurately than on a straight square footage basis.  After all, does anyone really think a restaurant and a shoe store use the same amount of water per square foot?

Energy Modeling

Making decisions on specifications for insulation, windows and mechanical systems can be daunting.  It's a long term commitment.  But, we're here to help.  We can help you analyze the utility costs associated with different choices to ensure you are able to make the best long term decisions.  

Energy Audits

Allow our experts to help you save energy in your home or business.  An energy audit will help identify low/no cost things you can change tomorrow, as well as lager capital projects, for which we can help you plan.  Individual homeowners, businesses and HOAs can all benefit from this powerful investigation and planning tools.

Net-Zero Energy Analysis

With a proven track record of net-zero accomplishment, let our skilled staff analyze your current or planned facilities to identify pathways to net-zero energy usage.

You Name It

We've helped new construction projects analyze extending a gas line versus going all electric, helped local communities monitor their snowmelt and bill tenants properly for their fair share of utility expenses.  We are energy dorks, plain and simple.  If you have an energy issue, mystery or question, odds are we either know the answer or interested in helping you figure it out.

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