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HERS Rater Training

Provide official HERS ratings, which can be used for informational purposes, financing or for use in third-party programs, including LEED for Homes and ENERGY STAR.

North 39 is a Training Provider, accredited by RESNET.  Our online training allows you to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own office or home.  Choose to partner with North 39 Energy for your in-field practice ratings or contract with a different RESNET Rater Candidate Field Assessor.

North 39 Energy also provides cost effective Rating Provider services to new and existing HERS Raters.

24 hours online


Online, self-paced material.  Our easy to use system provides you the ability to stop, start and save your place to come back later.

Includes:  Online course material, including video lessons, PDF copies of material, periodic learning assessments, fees for all 3 required exams.

Our training is a critical step in the

Path to HERS Rater Certification


Complete HERS Rater Training with an Accredited Training Provider, like North 39 Energy.


Complete 2 practice ratings from plans as part of the training.


Complete three mandatory HERS Rater exams - the National Rater Core Exam, Practical Simulation Exam and National Rater Combustion Safety Simulation Exam.


Choose a RESNET Rating Provider for completion of practice ratings and ongoing quality assurance.  North 39 Energy provides these services, as do other companies.


Begin providing HERS Ratings.


Your ongoing relationship with a HERS Rating Provider will provide for the quality assurance required by RESNET.


Complete at least 18 hours of continuing education for every 3 year period.

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